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as Albina in La Donna del Lago.........


“In supporting roles, none of the apprentice singers covered themselves in glory exactly, but soprano Lacy Sauter made a saucy Albina, Elena’s confidante”

                                                                                                    Charles T. Downey for The Classical Review


Lacy Sauter as Albina, Elena’s confidant, is touchingly protective of Elena and tosses some dagger glances at anyone who she perceived as an evildoer.”

                                                                                                     Gregory Sullivan Isaacs for Theater Jones

as Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire.......



 “Soprano Lacy Sauter captured the character of Blanche, from her first appearance (haughtily telling Eunice Hubbell, the upstairs neighbor, that she wants to be alone, and then searching out the liquor supply) through her skirmishes with Stanley. Blanche plays the innocent with the lonely Mitch, plays the predator with a young man who comes to collect for the newspaper, and plays with fantasy throughout.  Sauter’s voice is lovely and well-produced….She made the most of her aria “I want magic,” a beautiful moment in a largely generic score.”

                                                                                                            Sarah Bryan Miller for St. Louis Post-Dispatch


Lacy Sauter, a gifted actor who has a marvelously rich voice and brings real pathos to the role of the troubled Blanche DuBois. The opera's final scene is simply magnificent, as Blanche, dressed in azure satin and bathed in blue light, suffers a complete psychotic break. Sauter's voice soars as she exits the stage through clouds of smoke, imagining that she's headed on an oceanic voyage.”

                                                                                                                           Malcolm Gay for the Riverfront Times


Lacy Sauter and Katherine Giaquinto, cast respectively in the lead roles of Blanche Dubois and her sister Stella Kowalski, are both gifted with powerful and unfailing voices, unwavering in accuracy.”

                                                                                                                                                     Gary Scott for


Lacy Sauter also is highly effective as she fills Blanche with delusions of grandeur and affectations of elegance that hide her sordid past.  Her scenes with the predatory Stanley accentuate his threatening nature.”

                                                                                                                            Mark Bretz for LaDue News


“And such voices! Lacy Sauter, as Blanche, and Katherine Giaquinto, as Stella, both have gorgeous clear lyric soprano voices. (These two ladies are so physically and vocally similar that one would swear they were actual sisters.) Miss Sauter, though near the beginning of her career, shows a wonderfully mature control and subtlety.”

                                                                                                       Steve Callahan for Broadway


as Fiordiligi in Così fan tutte......


The casting worked well. Dorabella (mezzo-soprano Katherine Sanford) and Fiordiligi (soprano Lacy Sauter) complemented each other in height and voice as well as a naiveté appropriate to wealthy daughters..... While there were many remarkable solo moments, particularly Sauter’s enchanting “Per pietà ben mio, perdona,” the ensembles were the best part of the show.

                                                                                               Joseph E. Morgan for Nashville Arts Magazine

as Erste Dame in Die Zauberflöte.......


“The Three Ladies – soprano Lacy Sauter and mezzos Cynthia Cook and Carla Jablonski – were very good, with a fine vocal blend and a funny stage presence, dressed almost like Wizard of Oz guards, spears and all.”

                                                                                                                                        Palm Beach Arts Paper



“A highlight throughout the opera were the appearances by the Three Ladies who work for the Queen of the Night, who pop up rhroughout the work to spread fear and discouragement. Scarily but ustylishly costumed in dark gowns, with black eye makeup and wigs, Lacy Sauter, Cynthia Cook and Carla Jablonski sang with plush tones and a nice, malevolent edge to their voices.”

                                                                                                      David Fleshler for South Florida Classical Review 

as Violetta in La Traviata.......


“At the critical center of any “Traviata” performance is the soprano who portrays Violetta. As a courtesan, she needs to be attractive; as a tragic figure, Violetta must show strength and fragility, be self-motivated and yet fate-driven, reflect courage and victimization, struggle for life and accept death. Sauter did all that in well-thought-out characterization.  Vocally, she gave the role full dosages of drama… with an impressively voluminous soprano fully equipped to belt at moments of high drama.”

                                                                                                                           Peter Jacobi for Herald Times

as Valentina Scarcella       
              in Later the Same Evening.......


Valentina Scarcella, the iconic Hopper lady in the box seat (Lacy Sauter, making a good impression in a short, but complex role).

                                                                                                                          James Sohre for Opera Today

as Flora in La Traviata.......


 “The hostess of the party, Flora, is sung beautifully in both casts by soprano Lacy Sauter.”

                                                                                                                                 Jack Gardner for The Edge Miami


“Lacy Sauter was a light-but-agile-voiced Flora, carrying the concertato’s top when Alejandres rested and tackling her small but sometimes florid musical role ably.”

                                                                                   Greg Stepanich for Palm Beach Arts Paper


“All the other roles- the sexy Flora Bervoix of Lacy Sauter… were well performed.” 

                                                                                                                                           Opera News


“The small roles, most taken by members of Florida Grand Opera’s Young Artists Program, were well drawn with a special nod to the graceful and saucily cheerful Flora of Lacy Sauter.”


as Bianca in La Rondine.......


“Magda’s three cynical friends Yvette, Bianca and Suzy, were winningly portrayed by Brittany Anne Renee Robinson, Lacy Sauter and Courtney McKeown, all strong singers whose voices blended well with the superb work in the orchestra.”

                                                                                                      David Fleshler for South Florida Classical Review 

as Gilda in Rigoletto......

"Soprano, Lacy Sauter, who was such a heartbreaking Blanche in "A Streetcar Named Desire" last season, returns to UAO as Gilda, whose absurdly self-sacrificing nature leads to the opera's tragic conclusion. The very implausibility of the character is, in my view, a real obstacle for any actress, but Ms. Sauter manages to pull it off with a convincing characterization and a voice that easily navigates the coloratura passages in the famous "Caro nome" aria in Act I."

                                                                                                          Chuck Lavazzi for


"As his daughter, the sheltered Gilda, soprano Lacy Sauter was effective and touching in a role that’s underwritten and two-dimensional at best. She has a lovely voice; her coloratura didn’t seem quite secure at times, but she made Gilda’s decision to sacrifice her own life for that of her betrayer believable as well as heartbreaking, no mean feat."

                                                                                                          Sarah Bryan Miller for St. Louis Post-Dispatch


"The scenes between Rigoletto, played magnificently by Jordan Shanahan, and Gilda, played by Lacy Sauter, took my breath away. Sauter is a wonderful soprano – beautiful, subtle, one that embodies the role of an ill-fated and pious daughter perfectly. "

                                                                                                          Raphael Maurice for St. Louis Magazine


"Sauter, who finely captured the neurosis of the fragile Blanche DuBois in last season’s production of A Streetcar Named Desire, shines here as the sheltered Gilda, expressing the faithful daughter’s devotion to her father as well as her growing love for her unknown young man."

                                                                                                          Mark Bretz for Ladue News


"This splendid leading performance is supported by a large cast of very fine voices. Gilda is beautifully sung by Lacy Sauter, who sang that gorgeous Blanche in last season's "Streetcar Named Desire." Here she uses a tight, intense vibrato that conveys a lovely sense of trembling purity and innocence."

                                                                                                          Steve Callahan for


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